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Any store needs a strong tool to answer the questions on its daily functionality and get information on its key performance indicators. The Advanced Reports 2 Magento extension is such a tool. It permits store owners to fabricate reports and envision information utilizing various data points accessible in the store database. 

The Advanced Reports Magento 2 extension has a simple to-utilize and instinctive user interface that empowers proficient administration of the multitude of available reports by utilizing a few normal and easy to understand highlights like drag and drop, data separation, and its arranging. 

To save the time for store owners, this Magento Advanced Reports extension offers receiving the generated reports through email. Simply indicate the necessary data a report is required for, time frame for report generation, email and sending time. The module will automatically send every bit of the vital information on deals straightforwardly via the email. This is very convenient since it allows to read through reports via any gadget at any suitable moment.

See more with advanced reports

The critical part of any reporting tool is that all the data needed to build the store success and number of deals is given in these reports. Dissimilar to basic Magento’s reporting functionality, this module utilizes all information that is persistent in the store database. It can obtain access even to information that is not accessible without additional tools, allowing a store owner to see the most up to date information and measurements. 

In all internet business organizations, this is an unquestionable requirement to have a reporting tool with such functionality. It’s not difficult to figure out how to utilize this tool on the grounds that it’s fundamental various pre-made reports suit every one of business owner necessities. 

A store owner might take a gander at his business, orders, and clients from an assortment of points of view. He may continually know the enhancements needed to make. This implies there is additionally a great opportunity for him to get more familiar with deals conducted in his store in specific areas. 

The functional capacity of the discussed module suggests that a store owner might tap on every area to get an extraordinary, powerful virtual guide. He can change the scope of view on the off chance that he needs to take a gander at more compact operational zones of his store. Report separation by nations is a definitive single element that furnishes a store owner with an outline of deals and clients, significant for his business. 

Generate customized reports 

intuitive dashboard

Reporting formats were not the restriction of the discussed module. Assuming a store owner needs something novel, he can undoubtedly assemble a report utilizing the provided apparatus with an easy to understand interface. He has full control of what he wants to see, so he might sort out everything precisely how he needs. 

There are particular mysteries in each shop and every technique has its own. A store owner may basically duplicate one of the past reports and change the boundaries to deliver a particular report. He might adjust investigation to specific prerequisites with this level of accuracy by adding the refined Magento Advanced Reports extension. 

What’s more, this is the way he can adjust existing layouts to make pristine reports for your necessities:

  • Pick deals relying upon various rules. The module allows, for instance, pick two measurements to follow the in-store deals and inventories overall. Utilize the SKU to look for and track what is needed, which is one identifier for each sold thing. Assuming a store manager needs to discover more with regards to a specific thing. For this situation, the subsequent measurement is the quantity of orders. In this strategy, he will see how regularly a few items and the particular amount of products bought in different orders have been bought. 
  • On the off chance that store managers uses information and client filtering channels, deals or clients who purchase products can be separated within a specific time period. This permits a store manager to more likely comprehend customers. What’s the best season? Who goes through more cash consistently, and who needs to go through additional on the ends of the week? These techniques can assist with further developing deals by a tenfolds. 
  • Report on full expenses. On the off chance that a store manager needs to ascertain complete revenue through a time period, he might sort the order of products as indicated by characteristics and pick from an assortment of choices. This might be unquestionably useful in an variety of conditions. 
  • Products have been taken out. If a store don’t have numerous products it can’t meet clients expectations since it doesn’t have a great catalog to sell. This may prompt a drop in deals, which prompts cash misfortune. This report reveals to a manager when restoration is essential.

Additional module features


Obviously, the best way to decide on what to do with an endeavor is to attempt doing it. But since a store manager knows the item and why, we think it is the best method to pass on its abilities and permit him to mull over everything. 

All in all, what should this Advanced Reports Magento show us? A ton of helpful provisions are accessible, so we should take a gander at them from the most crucial for the least: 

  • Intuitive, helpful dashboards. This module permits tweaking store dashboard so managers could follow the data they need as fast as it could really be expected. Assuming a store manager needs to assemble a dashboard more customized, he might adjust the gadgets. This saves a ton of time and is incredibly financially savvy. The advanced dashboard gives more appropriate data than the basic dashboard. Additionally, without executive access, a person might share the dashboard, which is a phenomenal feature. Simply login into a dashboard to see might see whatever is necessary. 
  • Multi-dimensional bunching. A store manager may now sort the information to construct tables in measurements as indicated by his choices. This capacity further develops and empowers a manager to zero in on more fundamental tasks. In the default Magento, clients consistently come up short on the choice of entering information without the utilization of additional modules by select boundaries. 
  • New segments. Albeit the quantity of standard segments is adequate for most assignments, the adaptability to add new segments is far higher. The segments a manager is assembling can likewise ascertain various additional segments that he needs. Use XML arrangement to add a section. 
  • Interface choices. In the module, clients may likewise alter and ensure that the best experience is given. The histogram and different diagrams might be chosen. They might use segments for showing classifications. Managers may likewise give all exchanges the status, which makes it simple to follow things.

Ready for mobiles 

for mobiles

Today, we as a whole utilize cell phones for various tasks, from correspondence and joy to trade and business for different purposes. The business though portable devices has made extensive advancement lately and worked on our lives. 

Huge laptops are presently not important to screen the news. There is motivation to advance genuinely every cell phone, including the module we are discussing. You might peruse your cell phone reports for an exceptional benefit. This is a pivotal component for the people who are consistently on their go. You might get to dashboards by filtering QR codes with a cell phone camera. You might rest assured that significant updates or something similar to them won’t be missed. 


Analytics is the main ordinary task for any web based business store. The discussed extension uses these state of the art user interface advancements and upgrades of Magento 2 to assist you with acquiring a profound understanding into your shop’s presentation pointers. Level up your store investigation streams with this extension.

All in all, we might want to give some data with respect to the Advanced Reports Magento edition that we audited today. The update is without a doubt one of the most captivating. It’s fundamental yet amazing simultaneously. The various functionality and the measure of personalization are astonishing. This module gives loads of enjoyable moments when used since it might be adjusted to specific requirements. 

A store manager needs to thoroughly understand deals, clients, product catalog, and all the other things to foster the online business. This module is a program that gives him a necessary arrangement with no issues or deferrals. 

The cost is likewise low, as a solid instrument is provided, yet additionally 90-day free help, unconditional promise to return funds, free redesigns, and others options are provided. We should caution a store owner of thinking about thinking to miss the reporting tool adoption. Many don’t think about this component, so be certain you don’t have any troubles.

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