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You know that each job has its own pros and cons. Even though you like 99% of your job, there is still something that pisses you off. Usually, it’s a boring routine that requires too much time that you’d better spend doing something else. In eCommerce, this is the process of bounding products to the right category. The problem is that Magento has no automation by default, so you have to deal with this task manually, which is pretty annoying. However, categorizing is crucial for such a business, and you can’t just skip this task, which means you have no choice. Even if you ask someone else to do it, it still seems useless and inefficient because no one would do it for free. So is there a way out of this situation?

Not just a way out — a superb solution! Mirasvit has designed a special plugin that uses innovative technologies to automate categorizing and make you feel free. This is an inexpensive, simple, and extremely useful module that will make your life much more enjoyable. So, let’s see how it works!


Unlike other modules, the task of this one is quite simple and understandable, so you won’t face very long lists of functions with large descriptions. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to talk about. So, to figure out the working principles and understand the real value of this product, we offer to look through all the features. This will help you realize how to operate the module and why you should buy it. So let’s now waste time and let’s move straight to the point:

Flexible and Efficient Conditions

  • Make whatever rules you want. The product requirements are determined by Magento conditions that are quite strong. The circumstances will allow you to implement rules of any complexity level.
conditions example
  • You may add as many goods as you require. There is no limit to how many Magento dynamic category products or dynamic categories you may have. Even if your objective is 1000 categories with 100,000 goods in each, you may utilize the module!
settings screenshot

One-click Conversion

Streamline the administration of current categories.

By flicking a switch, you may make any static category dynamic. This will not affect any other settings.

Streamlined Workflow

Simple Configuration

Immediately assign products. You only need to select the product qualities you’d want to include in the category using our Magento automated category extension, and you’re good to go. There’s no need for any further setup!


You’ll be able to see which items the module will include in the category when it does a Magento dynamic category assignment before saving the modifications. That way, you’ll always know the guidelines are appropriate for your situation.

Always Correct

Even the finest of people make errors, but this plugin isn’t one of them! The more tasks there are, the more likely it is that human mistakes may occur. Algorithms never make errors, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a product again.

Great For SEO landing Pages

SEO landing Pages

Create keyword-specific categories. Category pages are useful for more than just the user experience. They’re also a valuable SEO asset. You’ll be able to construct dozens of category pages targeted at certain keywords faster than you can search for something on Google using this module!


The add-on keeps track of changes to product attributes. The module will allocate a previously unrelated product to the category if it meets the category’s requirements. The module will unassign a product in the category if it no longer meets the requirements.

You can rely on this extension to provide your consumers with the most up-to-date information. Aside from that, there are a few strategies to maximize the benefits of the updates:

  • Make it easier to locate special offers. Visitors will be significantly more likely to convert if you make it easier for them to locate current sales.
  • New Products – Emphasize the most recent and innovative products. Using the dynamic category for Magento, you may promote new arrivals to increase their visibility.

Easy to Sort Products

  • Sorting is done automatically. After you’ve specified the category’s products, you may sort them by ID, name, SKU, visibility, and status.
  • Positioning by hand. You may arrange your items by location and manually modify their order if you want to put them more strategically.

Pricing and Support

This software comes with a lot of nice features, such as free 90-day support, free lifetime updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It makes the plugin a good investment when combined with the pricing. The reason for this is because buying a dedicated extension is still cheaper than hiring specialists. The only issue is locating a truly helpful plugin that is well worth purchasing. Mirasvit, for example, has such a product. Furthermore, the official portal has a wealth of manuals and instructions, ensuring that you will never be left in the dark even after the support period has ended.



Q: What indeed does this add-on do?

A: The Magento 2 Dynamic categories Module removes the effort to manually assign items to respective categories.

With this plugin, a Magento 2 shop automatically assigns goods to product categories in its catalog. This linkage is made dynamically in accordance with the set of conditions depending on the product characteristics. Our expansion also includes intelligent qualities to improve the flexibility and functioning of conditions.

The addon tracks the product in a catalog, adding or deleting the product automatically if the items fulfill or do not comply with the category requirements. For example, this might happen if you modify your product characteristics.

It is beneficial and helps in many circumstances to save time. An example is a promotional category. For a set length of time, these articles have a discounted price, and for each promo product, this period is unique. It is time-consuming and difficult to manually enter and delete the new promo goods when they expire. Dynamic Categories add and remove promotional goods, which saves shop employees time and energy automatically.

Q: Can I export or import dynamic categories with the help of this plugin?
A: All the produced dynamic category information may be exported and loaded into the store of Magento 2. But this integrated capability in the Magento back-end administration interface is not provided with the Dynamic Categories extension. To import and export the configuration of Dynamic Categories, external third-party programs must be used.

The data may be exported and sent using any database management that works for you from the store database directly. In the database table mst dynamic category, all information on the dynamic categories established in the store is available. Copy this tab to make the configuration backup or clone and import anytime the dynamic category configuration has to be restored.

Q: Can I include products from one source only?

A:  A versatile filtering method is offered by the Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension to fill your stores’ dynamics with the exact goods. This is accomplished using a set of conditions that accurately describe the product attributes needed to filter things from the catalog of the shop.

The Dynamic Category extension also includes numerous extra qualities, in addition to the basic Magento attributes that may be used to filter products out. The source of the items in one of these characteristics. You can use criteria such as that the product source is/is not the source given to filter things by source. During the condition formation, the source that has to be a filter may be selected from a download menu.


We want to make you pay attention to this extension because it provides you with a great possibility to save time. Don’t underrate this possibility; time is the most valuable resource you have. Especially when it comes to business. Get rid of routine tasks by automating such processes with the help of cheap and pretty enjoyable plugins. Moreover, it’s complicated to find something better than Mirasvit offers to you. With innovative features, simple use, and affordable price, the Magento 2 dynamic category extension becomes one of the best purchases of your life. Now, when you know a solution, nothing can stop you from building a successful business!

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