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The best way to understand customers’ needs is to think like a customer. So, we want you to answer a simple question: «What is one of the most important elements of an online store?». Among all other necessary elements, the search plays a very significant role. Moreover, the bigger your enterprise is — the more important it is to provide people with decent searching possibilities. The reason is that you should be able to find the necessary item effortlessly at any time. This makes you feel comfortable and satisfied, which motivates you to buy more and promote the shop to your friends. As a result, the search has a direct influence on the profit. What can you do to improve your capabilities? 

If you haven’t found an answer yet, we are glad to share the solution we found. A perfect extension that improves everything regarding searching. Mirasvit company designed a plugin based on the Elastic Engine technology, which allows customers to find anything they want in seconds. Learn more about it right now!

Meet ElasticSearch

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What is the Magento Elasticsearch add-on? This is a collection of benefits that you will never enjoy because of the default functionality. It is critical to understand the product’s potential before purchasing it. So, why aren’t all of the advantages listed? It could be a little hard because we all have various points of view, but let’s start with the most obvious.

This plugin has a lot to show!

First and foremost, you must determine what this plugin is capable of. To be honest, there are several applications for Elasticsearch. Let us go over the features one by one to help you understand.

The first is the Auto-fill function, which allows customers to finish searches much more quickly and save time. Customers are advised to choose one of the numerous options in the addition, which anticipates future purchases. As customers input a product name, the TypeAhead feature evaluates the most popular requests in the shop to help them make the best selection. A fast mode is available to Elasticsearch users. What are the benefits of having this feature?

  • Popular searches by people. This allows everyone to see what the great majority of people desire. For your special deals or the most popular goods, use the top search charts.
  • It’s ready to use on the go. Compatibility is typically a huge plus in today’s world. PCs are considerably less common than mobile devices. As a result, in mobile versions, this feature is quite useful.
  • It’s simple to use. Select the type of information you want to see in the search results.
  • It’s critical to have a diverse selection of materials. This search returns not just product names, but also other information. Users can easily locate the necessary page, for example.

The next feature is customization and flexibility. Customers may find goods in milliseconds because of the foundation engine’s quickness. This is beneficial to your business since it has a significant impact on client satisfaction and sales volume. In terms of speed, the package presently has the following components:

  • Layers for navigation are provided. In contrast to a MySQL request from standard Magento, which is sluggish and uses a lot of resources, this plugin speeds things up and eliminates server overload.
  • Scaling. Large catalogs and high-traffic websites necessitate a different approach. This add-on makes use of a cluster to handle data across several servers, enhancing the functionality of your website.

Here are a few more features that are ready to please you:

  • Reports. One of the most important aspects of business success is data gathering and analysis. Changes may be foreseen through analysis, and strategies for avoiding problems can be discovered. As a consequence, this plugin offers the data you want, such as the most frequently used search keywords or the top search results. If you know how many requests and clicks you have, you may be able to modify your settings for better results.
  • Redirecting. What makes you think the final destination is more important? It would be horrible if consumers couldn’t find their way to the right place—to your company. All 404 error pages are monitored and maintained to ensure that your potential consumers never see a page. Instead of landing at the incorrect location, all visitors are immediately redirected to the provided URL. This page usually has comparable goods that encourage buyers to remain and browse your business. This technology saves not only your time but also a lot of money. Additionally, if you search for a single result, this add-on directs people to the correct location.
settings screenshot
  • There are several pages. To boost SEO, you might create separate pages with their unique information that look to be the same. This is more frequently required to control the flow and manage the product catalog. For example, you might create pages for specific requests that only show relevant products. A great feature may be used in a variety of ways. Landing pages are convenient and useful since they make them easier to use and operate. But be cautious, and keep an eye on these sites to ensure they don’t become muddled.

Searching Goods

Because it analyzes all searches and presents users with intriguing options, this feature knows precisely what you want. To persuade customers to stay, the initial page should always have material that can be viewed. After making a particular request, you may also control the placement of certain items on the website.

Morphology is another essential factor to consider. It is possible that people will make mistakes that will result in no search results, which is regrettable. This is very inappropriate. The plugin makes use of sophisticated technologies to present you with morphologically suitable comparable searches.

Let’s have a look at the several search options that this plugin provides:

  • There are other options available as well. For whatever reason, you may not have the required products in stock at this moment. To avoid upsetting clients seeking for this item, in particular, the module returns the most comparable results currently accessible.
  • Applications that are connected in some way. Another method to make a good decision is to show what other consumers love in the same manner you do. As a consumer guide, this collection of comparable inquiries might be utilized.
  • Languages can be chosen from a list. It is also important to note that these qualities are expressed in an agnostic language. This guarantees that the Elasticsearch add-on has a highly configurable basis.
  • Code. Look for items that have distinct symbolic codes. Because Internet users may seek SKU and ISBN items, the process is sped up.
  • Words emerge from the crowd. Another feature that aids consumers in locating exactly what they are looking for, even if their request does not entirely match the products available. To improve the precision of your search, simply make a list of terms.
  • Autocorrection. All misprinted requests are ignored without this plugin. Meanwhile, the module corrects any erroneous terms automatically, ensuring the best results for customers.
  • Sitelinks Search Box on Google. This function allows users to locate your business directly from the Google search results page, which is highly beneficial in terms of total conversion rate.

Any content that appears in your shop’s web version can be found. In other words, if it exists, you can look for it. And each user who sees your website will find buying on the internet a lot easier and more pleasurable as a result of this. A list of probable content categories is provided below for more information:

  • Third-party plugins are also available. Other systems and plugins’ material can also be scanned by this module. By combining the capabilities of Magento and other sources, you may get greater outcomes with extra plugins.
  • This content was created by you. Connect data sources that your consumers think will be of use to them. As a result of the addon, this material appears in the search results.
  • Throughout the search process, all product attributes are taken into account.
  • Customers may see all of the matched categories.
  • Customers may also view the values of the chosen characteristics using the extension.
  • It created pages for the content management system. All pages corresponding to the request are presented, in addition.


There is plenty to discuss when it comes to online businesses and eCommerce in general. And, in a firm like this, it’s hard to ignore the search functions. Because there are no assistants or anybody on the internet, your online consumers must do everything on their own. To put it another way, in order to satisfy clients, searching must be rapid, easy, and user-friendly. Otherwise, you risk losing clients and money, which is too risky. You can level up any shop using Elasticsearch for Magento and give users everything they desire. Furthermore, it is a low-cost, dependable solution that can be used by organizations of any size. As a result, if you want to be a market leader, this plugin is a must-have.

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