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People use search engines every day to find anything from multimedia to educational content and answers to fundamental questions of life. Meanwhile, the amount of information and the number of resources is too massive to count. So how should people be able to find exactly your website? If you are selling goods, you must rest assured that it’s not complicated at all to find your shop among all other results. And the way a website is optimized for search is the main task of SEO. In other words, SEO is one of the most vital elements for any service, platform, or website on the internet. Especially if it’s a commercial one. This means that online shops must be well-optimized for search engines, such as Google, for instance, to let you achieve success in selling goods. Do you know how to do this?

If you are not a specialist in this niche or you just don’t like the idea of wasting too much time, that is pretty valuable now, to set everything up properly, our today’s solution is just for you. Try this incredible plugin for Magento to fix all the issues you have and correspond to the gold standards of eCommerce. Do you want to know how it’s possible?


Mirasvit’s plugins are known for their great balance between affordability and efficiency. This makes modules a great solution for businesses of all sizes, which is very handy. However, this is not the only advantage this suite has. So let’s shed some light on the possible benefits you may get from installing this add-on:

  • Rankings in search engines. It goes without saying that the first search on Google or any other Internet search engine is crucial. The use of specialized information that is tailored for people and search algorithms might easily improve the site’s search rankings. Advanced snippets can be quite useful as well.
  • Cost-effectiveness. As previously said, engaging an expert is significantly more expensive than using the Magento 2 extension. Simply browse the module choices to find what you’re searching for and how you may accomplish your goals. The SEO toolbar may also be utilized to keep track of your current degree of optimization.
  • You will save a substantial amount of time as a result of this. Simply choose the proper settings and start watching the show right now. Certain designs are accessible for your convenience if you want a larger impression. As a consequence, there are no complications or issues with employing meta tags. It only takes a few minutes to set up everything!

Start now


After you’ve installed the module, there are a few easy actions you should do to begin addressing your SEO issues:

  • The built-in editor is the first item to consider. With advanced customization and flexibility, create meta-data for your pages. Use the Rewrite Tool to alter individual tags. Despite the fact that a template prioritizes the rewrite tool, this allows you to edit multiple pages and approve specific modifications.
  • Configure snippets to give additional information about your product and organization to potential buyers. This allows Google to provide information about your store to all users.
  • Make sure everything is set up appropriately to avoid consumers seeing 404 error pages. Instead, create an extension to route people to the appropriate location.
  • Use Autolinks to set up cross-linking if you want a more complex solution for your website.
  • Keep an eye on your map and be prepared to enhance the popularity of your website to finish the approach.

Closer look at the possibilities of the module

  • Toolbar. The SEO Toolbar is an excellent tool for real-time page optimization. This interface has all of the key variables, so you won’t have to use the search option to locate them. The toolbar will also let you know if you have a problem and how to fix it. As a consequence, you’ll find yourself with more free time.
  • Customization. You may change meta-data patterns with this module. If a page’s meta-data is missing, it will be filled up automatically. With respect to the tags you’ve previously added, they won’t be modified. Using the defined patterns, tags may be applied to a variety of different sorts of pages. Variables may also be utilized to remove duplicate data from your templates. Prioritizing your templates is an excellent decision. Any undesirable holes or tags can also be eliminated right away. You’ve just saved a huge amount of time! The Magento SEO suite plugin is really beneficial. To improve this module, all that is required is the addition of necessary information and rules. Customization of these pages is another valuable feature. Use the Rewrite Manager to update the metadata of individual sites. The modifications are made to the templates.
metadata editor
  • Changing URLs It’s essential to pay attention to the appearance of your URLs. This suite lets you clean and reads superfluous portions of a URL, as well as completely rebuild it. It’s possible that it’ll be deleted. The options are sufficient to provide the best URL optimization results.
  • Tags. Alternative tags can also be used. For example, pages with several versions or canonical tags are utilized. Some versions may be deemed copies without these marks, which might result in a penalty. You may also utilize alternative, hreflang, and «next and previous» tags. The first step is necessary if you want people to access a different version of your site. The second is identical to the first, but it is linked to a multi-language framework that allows visitors to find the appropriate version fast. To keep the succession of pages in order, the final two tags are required.
  • Redirects. Redirecting management is another tool that makes managing SEO chores easier. When a URL is updated, the search engine must redirect users to a new page, which is a crucial part of SEO. This is necessary in order to keep a previously established search ranking.
  • Cross Linking. This module allows you to quickly create cross-links. Except for selecting the connecting pieces, there is no difficult work for you to do; the module will handle everything else. In a variety of scenarios, cross-connections can be advantageous. If you want search engines to grasp the structure of your website without a problem, for example.
  • Sitemaps that are more advanced. There are a few choices available: HTML is the first step. Enter the required parameters to create the best map. XML (Extensible Markup Language). Google automatically optimizes your XML sitemap, adds and removes unique file links, and tags and labels your product pictures.


Although high search rankings are advantageous, they are inadequate. In order to maintain users’ interest, adequate information should be included in the results. Snippets are essential in this situation. As a consequence, the module generates relevant, rich snippets containing a range of data, allowing users to quickly learn more.

Breadcrumbs can be added to the search results to make navigating simpler. As a consequence, any search engine will be able to better grasp the website layout.

Breadcrumbs example

Because finding this information on your website may be challenging, the search results should also contain your contacts. Especially when it comes to browsing on a mobile device. To potential consumers, it also gives your shop a more reputable and intimate feel. Fortunately, this essay is easy to read. So, why aren’t you doing that now that your CTR search has increased?

Last but not least, there’s the matter of social media CTR. Use this module to add Open Graph tags to your pages if you want them to look nice when they’re shared on Facebook, for example.


If you ask us if we like this module, we will obviously say yes. Without a doubt, the advanced SEO suite Magento is one of the most powerful add-ons accessible. It is one of the top destinations, according to various sites and extensions. It offers a number of helpful features that are simple to use and offer a lot of value for the money. The argument is that the cost of this plugin is much cheaper in the long run when compared to the costs paid to SEO specialists. Such a wise investment has the potential to pay off handsomely in the future. This module is a must-try if you want to help your company develop. Rather than waiting for a miracle, utilize the Mirasvit add-on to take charge of your situation!

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