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Reward Points, Referral and Loyalty Program

Take a peek at any internet retailer. What is the most important aspect of this company? Customers, of course. Despite the fact that there are several intricacies, elements, and other things to be aware of in order to be successful, clients play the most important part in such a firm. Even if your business is great in terms of quality and technological aspects, you won’t be able to sell items and make money without them. This indicates that your major goal is to make customers happy and desire to buy from you specifically. We encourage you to consider motivation. Why should they be your clients? What do you have to offer them? As a seller, you must express gratitude to your customers and provide them with something unique. As a result, you will achieve your objectives and gain popularity.

If you’re still considering how to motivate consumers, have a look at the Magento 2 extension that may help you set up a superb referral program and award users for various accomplishments. It’s a lot easier than you think! So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.


reward points tab

One of the nicest parts about this add-on is that there are no restrictions. You are allowed to devise your own motivators and incentives. Anyway, here are some of the features:

  • Customers who have been dormant for a long time can be brought back to life. Make sure your clients are aware that you are thinking about them! You may give them out manually or use the module to reward users who haven’t checked in in a while. These customers will receive reminders when their balance changes, encouraging them to return and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.
  • Instilling a sense of impending dread. Customers should be made aware that they only have a limited amount of points available. Consumers are informed that their points would expire in a week, encouraging them to spend more money with your company.
  • Cross-selling. If customers are rewarded with extra points, they are more inclined to buy bundles and things that should be sold alongside other items. This will aid in the development of your cross-selling strategy.
  • promoting a specific product Standard discounts should be replaced with incentives in the form of additional points. Because customers will have to return to redeem their points, this is considerably more profitable.
  • Tiers are established for customers. Clients are categorized into distinct groups using tiers. The amount of points earned and the number of points available for redemption varies per tier since each tier has its own set of requirements. The bigger the benefits for your consumers, the higher the tier. You must spend more points and make more purchases to advance to the next tier. This isn’t only a wonderful loyalty program; it’s also a psychological ploy to drive consumers to compete with one another and finish a seemingly unfinished task until they reach the top tier.
  • Program for referring others. For their efforts, referrers should be paid. It’s great to thank existing customers for referring new customers to your store, but it’s even better to reward them for orders placed by new customers they referred. This will greatly increase their stimulation! It’s also feasible to reward the person who referred you. The referral program improves the likelihood that new clients will stay and bring in more money than existing clients.
  • The User’s Perspective. A comprehensive dashboard is available. You’ll also get a dedicated dashboard with this plugin, where consumers can learn all they need to know about your loyalty and referral program, including current limits, tiers, points earned, and transaction history. This page has a one-of-a-kind URL for referring others to it. The importance of a positive consumer experience cannot be overstated. While exploring your catalog, inform your customers of all the important details about your program. Ensure that everyone is up to date on what’s going on!
  • Analytics. This is where you’ll find a complete list of all transactions. You can simply access a full history of earned and spent points for each user in the admin panel.
transaction list
  • Special reports can be viewed for further in-depth study. It’s crucial to determine whether or not having such a program with your current ruleset is profitable. Special reports will provide you all of the information you need to track your entire revenues.

Flexible Setup

an example of an earning rule

Analytics. This is where you’ll find a complete list of all transactions. You can simply access a full history of earned and spent points for each user in the admin panel. Special reports can be viewed for further in-depth study. It’s crucial to determine whether or not having such a program with your current ruleset is profitable. Special reports will provide you all of the information you need to track your entire revenues.

  • Earnings Regulations Let’s take a short look at the list of available jobs for your clients to help you understand how everything works. It would be futile to mention all of the possible events; instead, we’ve chosen a handful to show you. As a result, you may be able to reward users for a variety of behaviors, like registering, placing orders, promoting your website on social media, honoring birthdays, referring new customers via a specific referral link, and so on.
  • Budgetary Restraints. Of course, you have the option of limiting the methods through which consumers can redeem their points. It’s just as vital as the last one. What exactly are your responsibilities? You may specify the active time of rules, the expiration, the time of gained points, the number of points available for spending (per order), the commodities that consumers can buy for points, the consumers who engage in this program, and more using this module.
  • Notifications. Make sure your referral and loyalty programs are well-known, as advertising is so important in this industry. You may use the plugin to send out alerts to your most loyal customers, letting them know what you’ve got for them. You have total control over what information is delivered to customers, when it is sent, where it is sent, and how it is sent. Determine first and foremost where you want this information to be visible to others. It might be the cart or referral pages, for example. You’ll be able to advertise specific goods and, as a result, improve sales. When someone selects a certain item, for example, you can remind them that there are more like it in your store and that buying more would earn them additional reward points. It’s also critical to keep your clients updated about their account balance as well as your services. It’s useful since it eliminates the need for them to go to the website and verify the amount.
  • Administration of Rewards. Don’t forget to surprise your customers now and again. When you suddenly receive a big amount of points, your loyalty grows by a factor of 10. Points can also be used to compensate for mistakes. When this user has a problem that your support team has to address or can’t handle, give him or her additional points.

The actual benefits of a good referral program

referral program
  • Customer loyalty has increased. Many actions aimed at improving the seller-customer connection involve a psychological component that should not be neglected. Having a genuine “army” of followers who are willing to defend your interests and promote you among others is extremely beneficial.
  • Improved Lead Quality. Another key factor is the quality of the new clientele. Referral programs are a wonderful method to obtain warm, quality leads since individuals prefer to promote to people who have similar interests.
  • A higher rate of participation. As previously said, motivating users to complete various activities, one of which is sharing on social media, is quite beneficial. This has a geometric development, boosting average engagement and delivering a significant amount of traffic to your website, both of which are critical for your organization.
  • The rate of retention has improved. The first piece of advice you should consider is that keeping existing customers is far more profitable than trying to get new ones. As a consequence, you will be able to spend less while earning more. Why? The truth is that everything is built on trust: individuals who believe in you are always willing to invest more in your company. For both parties, the Reward Points add-on provides a wonderful option — a loyalty program — to ensure such beneficial situations. Purchases, social media sharing, and other actions earn points. Meanwhile, customers are enticed to come back because these points can only be used in your establishment.


The referral program Magento extension isn’t just a nice method to reward your customers; it’s a must-do for anybody who wants to progress and expand their horizons of possibilities. A consistent profit and a secure future are two benefits of having a loyal client base. Furthermore, you won’t have to put much work into it because the add-on is quite simple to utilize.

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