Magento 2: Affiliate Program or How to Increase Sales

Affiliate for Magento 2

Owning an online store is a great business that requires specific knowledge and skills. There are plenty of pitfalls that you have to know in order to make your business profitable and competitive. Also, there are a lot of ways in this niche to increase sales and get more money. Today, we want to talk about affiliates that can help you expand your business. The problem is that third-party services that deal with affiliates are not always a good choice, especially if you are not sure about the potential of your store in terms of affiliate programs. The reason is that they are paid, and you have some risks of losing money if something goes wrong. It seems like a bad scenario, isn’t it? This makes you think about what you can do to reduce risks and reach your goals.

Our solution is simple and safe. With the help of this extension, you can launch a nice affiliate program without additional help. Set the module according to your preferences and enjoy the results. There is nothing complicated because the use is maximum intuitive and user-friendly. However, it’s necessary to take a look at the most important features and operation principles to make up one’s mind. So let’s go!

Benefits of the extension

We believe that the best way to prove that something is good is to tell you about the advantages you may get. So, we decided to begin with listing those benefits, so you can find reasons to continue reading:

  • The most popular affiliate benefits are implemented in your store.
  • The ability to define withdrawal restrictions in a variety of ways.
  • Affiliates who place creatives have advanced options.
  • Affiliates can see the earning rules at a glance.
  • Displayed is a simple commission process.
  • Automate the promotion of affiliates to the next tier.
  • An affiliate can use his or her Store’s Credit Account to withdraw funds.
  • Both you and your affiliates have access to transaction history at all times.
  • If necessary, take control of withdrawals.
  • The ability to exclusively offer commissions or discounts on specific products or categories
  • Your customers now are allowed to take part in programs in order to earn money!
  • 4 different types of programs: Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Impression
  • 4 placing options: Referral Link, Referral Banner, Referral Widget, Referral Coupon



Now, after you have looked through the most exciting facts about the Magento 2 Affiliate add-on, it’s time to make yourself familiar with the functionality a little bit closer. We divided features into several blocks, according to their unique characteristics. You will be glad to know how complex and useful this plugin is!

Promotional Programs

  • Pay-per-sale Program. Each order placed with a recommendation earns an affiliate a commission. You can specify which products are eligible for commission, for example, you can only pay commission on high-margin items.
  • Pay-per-click Program. After each visit made through an affiliate link, banner, or widget, an affiliate receives a commission.
  • Pay-per-lead Program. After each lead-action, such as sign-up or newsletter subscription, an affiliate receives a commission.
  • Pay-per-impression Program. An affiliate gets a commission based on the number of views from your banners.
  • Programs that are hidden. An affiliate gets compensated depending on the number of individuals who see your banners. You may create secret programs and manually allocate them to certain affiliates. All affiliates are assigned to all visible programs right away.
  • Affiliate Groups. You may categorize your affiliates and assign different commissions or programs to each category. In a couple of seconds, you may assign affiliates to different affiliate groups.

Promo Content

  • Link to a Referral. Each affiliate is given a unique code and a link to your business. The affiliate’s traffic and orders are measured by the extension using the code in the link. The compensation amount for each of their unique referral links is shown to affiliates. Information is displayed for each Magento affiliate program in which they participate.
  • Banner for referrals. You may build multiple banners for different landing pages in the admin interface. These banners can then be placed on an affiliate’s site to refer traffic or orders to your shop.
  • Widget for referring others. Affiliates are not allowed to alter banners, however, widgets can be modified! Size, title, the number of goods, product category, and so on are all editable.
  • Coupon for a referral. For referred orders, an affiliate can even provide a special promo code. Coupons might provide various savings depending on the Shopping Cart Rules.
widget settings

Easy Withdrawal Process

  • Withdrawing is an integral part of any affiliate program, and it’s important to ensure a nice and convenient withdrawal process to have no complications and headaches in the future. Here is how you can withdraw money: PayPal. Skrill. Store Credit (Special extension is needed).
  • Clear workflow. There are 4 statuses of withdrawal so that users can monitor what’s going on at the moment: Pending, Accepted or Denied, Completed.
  • Amount to remove as a minimum You have the option of setting a minimum withdrawal amount. As a result, when an associate achieves this threshold, he or she is eligible to withdraw.
  • History of withdrawals. This solution is extremely versatile, allowing you to see withdrawal history as well as manually make a withdrawal from the backend!

Clear Transaction History And Balance

Your affiliates will have a clear and transparent transaction history thanks to the Affiliate extension. With one of the finest affiliate programs for Magento, export transaction history to CSV or Excel XML files without risk of hidden fees, account activities, or illicit withdrawals going unnoticed and unrecorded!

  • Commission workflow. Control when the add-on should charge for a commission. To do this, just specify statutes. You can also cancel charges the same way if you want. 
  • Commission holding period. This allows you to choose a certain period to hold a transaction. For example, until it’s verified.

Powerful Analytics

Backend Dashboard: See Progress


The Affiliate plugin puts the most useful information directly on your dashboard! You can look at:

  • Active affiliates for the past week
  • Total affiliates number
  • Visits
  • Revenue
  • Charges
  • Top-5 affiliates
  • Latest activity

Add Banners And Watch Creative Reports at the same time

Using the backend interface, you are able to add banners and view statistics for them simultaneously. Here are the parameters available to you:

  • Number of clicks 
  • Number of impressions 
  • Banner CTR

Such information is the best way to determine your weaknesses and fix any issues, which leads to increasing the overall productivity and helps you earn more. 



Q:  What are the counting rules for purchase? Does it count only if a customer is logged in or it may be counted even if a guest account is used?

A: To answer this question, you should realize the working principles of the plugin. The point is that binding new customers to an affiliate is done with the help of a special coupon. This means that a transaction is made if a purchase is completed using a special link/ voucher. Therefore, unregistered users cannot be processed by the module to charge a commission and complete the procedure. However, visitors who clicked on the link will still count. 

Q: Can I remove a user from the program?

A: At this moment, existing clients cannot be dismissed from the affiliate program. Our extension connects long-term clients to affiliates when they click on an affiliate link or utilize an affiliate discount. Following that, the affiliate will be paid commissions on all of the client’s subsequent transactions.

A company owner can use the extension to assign all of the store’s current users to their affiliate account as a workaround. In this case, existing clients will not be able to use the link supplied by another affiliate. Only new customers will be connected to this affiliate.


Don’t even doubt, this extension is the best way to launch the best affiliate program for Magento 2. And if you care about your business, if you are ready to promote it and obtain more profit, then there is nothing to discuss — you have to try this module. Moreover, the price of this module is pretty affordable and it’s definitely lower than the price you have to pay for third-party services. A wise investment always pays back, and if you are a businessman, you should clearly see that this investment is what you really need. Thanks to the politics of Mirasvit, you will also have nice bonuses, such as a money-back guarantee and 90-days free support. Plus, all updates that are released often enough are also lifetime free. 

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