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Communication is essential in all types of interactions. And if you believe that relationships are just about love, you are mistaken. If you own an online store, you are connected to your consumers, and how you treat them has a significant impact on your business. To generate money and develop your business, it’s critical to connect with your clients and meet their requirements, building a devoted relationship between you. To win people’s hearts, talk to them: remind them of the greatest deals, provide helpful advice, and so on. This will result in a significant profit in the future.  As a result, it’s critical to deliver emails to consumers on time, informing them of anything they could be interested in. This will ensure the greatest possible feedback as well as a high conversion rate.

You may utilize one of Mirasvit’s most popular Magento 2 modules to keep an automated follow-up email process going. This will allow you to manage all of your client’s reminders, notifications, and other forms of business correspondence. Don’t waste time on tasks that can be completed automatically!

Main Features

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Without further interruption, let’s move straight to the core of the article — describing the possibilities of the module:

  • Configurations that have been bundled together. Because it comes with the following presets, the module is ready to use straight after installation: Customer Engagement, Customer Re-Engagement, and Sales Follow-Up Campaigns are all examples of abandoned cart recovery campaigns. To get started, activate any of these campaigns. Duplicates can also be changed to fit your specific requirements.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart (including guest checkouts). The bulk of the time, people forget about their shopping carts. Customers can be automatically reminded about abandoned carts with this module. This boosts your conversion rate and sales. 
  • Reviews. Reviews are very essential for online businesses since they increase the trustworthiness of the items and the shop in general, as well as affecting Google’s ranking. As a result, encouraging your consumers to leave reviews is a smart idea. As a result, the extension not only prompts you to submit a review when you make a purchase but also reminds you numerous times afterward. You can also use the add-on to alert consumers about the status of their reviews, such as whether a review has been delivered or not, and so on.
  • Win-Back Emails. It’s critical to attract new clients and expand your client base, but don’t forget about your existing friends! If you have someone who has been inactive for a long time, you should write them an email to let them know you are still waiting. Allow the module to do the work for you and win back your former but still loyal consumers by providing a tiny but delightful incentive, such as a discount or a gift. You may personalize messages thanks to good customization, ensuring that you always send the correct email to the correct addressee.
  • Recommendation of a product. It’s also a good idea to provide product recommendations based on what customers see, buy, or like. Such product recommendations can help you enhance your sales. People appreciate it when you anticipate their needs.
  • To show that you care, wish your customers a happy birthday. As previously stated, developing a devoted relationship with your buyers is critical. So, instead of greeting them with key dates like birthdays, why don’t you greet them with some crucial dates? Tell them something lovely and give them a coupon to entice them to return to your store and purchase more items.
  • Send an email with the items you’ve recently viewed. When the add-on identifies several views of the same product from the same individual, it can send emails with product overviews, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
  • Allow customers to track their orders. Maintain contact with your consumers regarding their orders. Send emails whenever the order status changes, letters with cross-sell items, and notify customers as fast as possible of any changes.

Run Effective Email Campaigns

  • Send Emails to the Appropriate People at the Appropriate Time Because the campaign only activates under specified circumstances, unlike the regular Magento feature, you can feel assured that the relevant letter is delivered to the right person at the right time. Here are a few examples of events that could be utilized as triggers: User-related events, such as logging in; cart-related events (e.g. abandoned cart); order-related events (new order, status change); product-related actions, such as when a customer examines a specific product; wishlist activity — sharing/adding things. You can also quickly build up the target group of the email campaign using numerous attributes thanks to the module’s incredible flexibility (number of orders, order status, personal information, and so on)
sending options
  • Make sure your emails are working. The Sandbox features will offer you a complete image of how your emails will look before you send them, which is a wonderful way to improve things.
  • Sending discount coupons via email is a great way to spread the word. The plugin also takes a customized approach, automatically generating coupons and gift certificates with expiration dates for each client, in order to re-engage clients and encourage them to return and spend money.
  • Once you’ve reached your goal, you should call a halt to your campaign. Don’t overlook the importance of completing an email campaign on schedule. It’s critical to recognize when it’s time to stop so that you don’t annoy others too much. As a result, if the add-on is no longer needed, it will never send emails.
  • Make your email marketing more efficient by automating it. You can leave your campaign in place for as long as its performance indicators are high enough after you’ve configured it. Any merchant will find this to be a very valuable and convenient marketing tool!
  • Spamming your customers is not a good idea. Sending too many emails is another way to become obnoxious. To avoid instances like this, just set a restriction on the number of letters that can be sent in a given period of time. When the maximum has been reached, the customer will not receive any further emails until the time limit has expired.

Control Performance of Your Campaigns

  • Every campaign, trigger, or email has its own performance dashboard. The dashboard is a must-have for you because it allows you to see performance indicators and other important data. This allows you to keep track of the progress of your email campaigns and plan your future actions. On the dashboard, you may see the following: The open rate and click-through rate (CTR), the number of referred orders and reviews, and the revenue amount are all factors to consider.
  • Reports from Google Analytics. You can use Google Analytics in addition to the built-in statistics because the Follow Up Emails extension allows you to create specific UTM parameters for each email campaign.
  • GDPR-compliant website. You can make your email campaigns fully GDPR compliant by adapting our module to the GDPR standards. The plugin includes capabilities such as target audience filtering, automatic email history cleansing, and stopping automatic guest user data harvesting, among others.
  • Your entire campaign history is available. View the complete history for each campaign to learn more about its status, trigger, addressee information, date stamps, and other characteristics. You can view emails with comparable values and properties using filters. The cron job allows you to clean the campaigns’ history automatically.

Send Better Emails

  • For a great visual design of the letter, little work is required. You can simply build colorful themes for your emails using this module and then use them as templates for more flexible customization later.
  • With Ease, Create Visually Appealing Emails. The built-in editor allows you to build distinctive, colorful designs for your emails based on your current demands. To get what you want, use 100% HTML: use various headers, styles, and other characteristics to highlight what’s important. On the PC and mobile devices, you may easily see the previews of your letters with real-time updates. 
  • Email Templates may be easily managed. The extension’s user-friendly interface makes managing email templates a breeze. An easy, simple grid with all available templates aids you in selecting what you require or in creating a new style based on the most appropriate template.
  • Personalize your emails with variables. You may personalize emails in a variety of ways with the help of 30+ variables, which comes in handy in a variety of situations. Include personal data from users’ profiles, attach cross-sell items, and use any data you have to make your emails as personalized as possible. Simply insert a variable in the most relevant area of the letter to accomplish this.
  • Speak to your customers in the same language. Don’t let the language barrier get in the way! You can either construct individual triggers for each language or utilize the translation algorithms to always speak the same language with the people you’re attempting to target using this module.
  • Connect your social media accounts. To make the letter more informational and less official, simply include Facebook and Twitter URLs.
  • Insert a one-click link to restore an abandoned shopping cart. No one wants to waste time trying to remember what was in their shopping cart, so give your customers the option of restoring all of their items with a single click! People will be encouraged to continue purchasing as a result of this. 
  • Cross-Sell Offerings should be sent. Emails should include a list of cross-selling products. To enhance your sales and total revenue, this is always a fantastic idea.


If you want to ensure that your clients are always aware of what you want to tell them, increase your conversion rate, and grow your business, use the Magento follow-up email extension and automate such operations so that you don’t waste time doing everything yourself.

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