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How big is your catalog of products? Is your site popular now? Actually, it’s not quite important if we are talking about the technical side of your project. Everything has to be on the highest level, no matter how successful you are at the moment. And technical nuances are very complex and difficult because there are too many things to keep in mind. One of such things that is vital for any online store is the search feature. This doesn’t even require any explanation because the search connects people with their main aim — with what they came here for — desired products. And the quality of the searching process and searching results as well play a big role in the future success of your business. If customers can find what they want hustle-free and with no complications, they get satisfied. Meanwhile, satisfied customers — are the best customers that will make your business grow.

If you are interested in how you can make your search run faster and smoother, we have a perfect plugin for Magento that can easily deal with this task. Install it, run it, and enjoy simple and intuitive use of the extension that will take your shop to the next level. Anyway, let’s get a little close to the core of this module.

What can this module do?

Numerous features and unlimited searching possibilities are waiting for you in this module. To make yourself familiar with actual capabilities, we divided them into several blocks so you can learn more about them.

Reporting Feature

The extension’s reports should not be overlooked. What will you discover here? The reports are organized as follows: by the most popular terms or by the total number of search keywords plus interactions at any given time.

To get the most of your business, keep track of all the key search information and productivity in your current setup. Organize and export the data from the reports by date and time when you’re ready.


suggestion example

Imagine how cool it is when you have smart suggestions in a special menu. With this add-on, you only have to type a few letters to make smartalgrithms understand what you are searching for, which facilitates the entire process and makes it more enjoyable. Here is what the module offers to its users in terms of front end :

  • Defining category of goods
  • AJAX technology support for faster load
  • Responsive themes support
  • Attaching image and price to the drop-down box with products

The following settings can be tweaked as well:

  • The amount of characters that must be entered for a search to be successful.
  • There is a delay in the search.
  • The outcomes for the particular content type

Technical Side

  • Show the products that are currently available first. It’s easy to see how important it is to pay attention to details. When you read the feature, it may seem apparent, but regular search engines don’t offer such a clear and definitive response. The add-on prioritizes available products and pushes those that aren’t otherwise available to the bottom of the list. This gives your catalog a polished and current appearance.
  • You may use the characteristics of your product to narrow down your search. Add product attributes to the list of potential filters to expand search choices. Allow customers to look for a product based on their preferred size, color, or other criteria. In addition, the search is based on the following criteria: SKU of linked product, category name, associated content, and specified option.
  • There is no limit to how many times you may search. Searching by product name isn’t the most efficient approach to locate what you’re looking for. Additional filters, such as categories, features, CMS pages, knowledge base, Blog MX, WordPress Blogs, and so on, are used by this plugin. In other words, it works with any type of material.
  • A search validator. A tool for evaluating and verifying search results is included in this add-on. This enables you to assess the efficacy of your search as well as any extra search options, such as auto-fill speed. With this tool, you’ll always know if problems need to be addressed.
  • Separate pages are required. Of course, a powerful search optimization tool would be incomplete without the ability to create landing pages. These parts are intended to assist you in organizing and ensuring that customers receive what they desire. For each request, you may build your own personalized page. As a consequence, instead of being led to a standard page with a few results, visitors will be directed to a custom page. (ALT: landing page)
  • Suitable for all types of stores. Depending on your needs, you may choose between three operating modes: using your store’s MySQL functionality, installing on a separate server, or installing on the same Magento server as your shop. The plugin can be used with these features to assist any business, which is excellent since it means you can use the add-on at any point along your path.
  • All languages are accepted. You’ll also be relieved to learn that language support requires no additional software. The spell repairs are compatible with all languages because they do not need the usage of particular dictionaries. Allow the add-on to validate your data in order to offer the most accurate rectification results to users.

Filling in

Filling in
  • Preprocessors for morphological data. Whatever word type you choose, specific algorithms will decipher your meaning and convert your request into the appropriate form. This speeds up the search process and increases the accuracy of the results. For example, the phrases “apple” and “one apple” are considered conventional “apple” forms. This means that the search results for both queries are identical. In Russian, Czech, and English, Sphinx Engine is the default. To extend the number of languages supported, a free module may be installed.
  • Look for the term “long-tail.” As previously mentioned, this plugin allows you to search for hyphens, bits, and other unusual characters. It’s useful in any store since it allows you to search for an item even if you only know a portion of the SKU. People will no longer have difficulty locating an item if the model number is incorrect. Default Magento, as you surely know, is unable to handle such complex procedures.
  • Stop words and synonyms. You don’t need to know the name of an item to find it because the module recognizes synonyms and suggests more relevant alternatives. This integrated synonym dictionary is massive, with over 60,000 entries. This, like any AI, guarantees that the job is done correctly. Except for synonyms, stop words are allowed. By defining requirements, this feature improves the accuracy of search results. Prepositions and articles, for example, are not searchable and may be readily removed. In the pre-made list, there are already 655 stop words.
  • Correction of misspelled words. We don’t always know how to spell a product correctly since we’re seeking a solution to a problem. Sphinx Search, on the other hand, is not like that! Regardless of the language, this module corrects mistakes.
  • Look up the term “fallback.” In many situations, providing consumers with search results for a portion of a term may be extremely useful if the full phrase has not worked. This means that instead of seeing a blank page stating that no products matching the request have been identified, customers will receive a notification, but here are some suggestions based on a portion of the word. This encourages customers to stick around and explore your business, even if they haven’t achieved their goals.

Let’s submit our knowledge

Let’s submit our knowledge

What exactly is this plugin? Sphinx Search, in reality, is made up of four built-in modules. From the user interface to the algorithms, everything improves. The search results are more informative, and the search algorithms have been tweaked to allow consumers to find goods that Magento can’t. It also assists users with typing, navigation, and suggestions, allowing them to spend less time on your website while still enjoying it. The entire search procedure is made considerably easier by automation.

You may also examine individual reports generated by this add-on if you wish to become more familiar with specific data. This will assist you in comprehending your requirements and resolving any issues that may arise.

Why do we think it’s one of the most popular plugins on the market? This is because it helps you to rapidly and sophisticatedly optimize your search efforts. The Sphinx Engine separates the module from the competition due to its incredible search speed and indexing results – over 500 queries per second with thousands of goods in the catalog, to be exact. Furthermore, the engine runs flawlessly on all platforms. One technology may not believe that so many different elements can be united to generate such outstanding results.


Add Sphinx Search Ultimate to your Magento store to feel this light and enjoyable user experience of searching goods. If you want to reach your goals, this module will be a great help for you, for sure. So don’t think for too long and come try it!

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