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To become better, no matter what you do, it’s necessary to distinguish the most essential part of your business. This allows you to increase your productivity multiple times, focusing on the things that have the greatest influence on success. Let’s talk about eCommerce. What is the most crucial element? Of course, there are many important aspects, and one of them is order management. Why? The reason is that without proper order management, you are not able to sell enough goods. You will never become more popular, which means you will lose money and customers. This is the worst scenario for any seller. We all want to make money, satisfy our clients, improve our shops, and so on. To do this, you have to make sure that all orders are processed properly, fast, and easily. Even if you have the best specialists who deal with orders, it doesn’t mean you can ensure the best performance. It’s not always about people.

To expand the standard capabilities of Magento and make order management simpler and faster, you can install a module designed by Mirasvit. Here, you will find everything you need to handle any problem related to orders. Integrating such a good module is a cost-effective and reasonable idea. So let’s take a look at it!

Meet a new way to enhance your business

Magento 2’s basic functionality isn’t configurable enough to allow you to set up an effective order management system. You can’t edit the bulk of order information, for example, which means you’ll have to create new orders every time there’s a problem. This is both inconvenient and time-consuming. Furthermore, it raises the likelihood of making more errors. Furthermore, without the plugin, you won’t be able to see all of the vital data in the grid, disrupting managers’ work because they’ll have to look at each order separately. 

The plugin resolves all of these small concerns, allowing you to improve your shop’s efficiency. You can adjust the grid and order as needed to meet your specific company needs. It’s simple to amend order data, add additional items, and apply various discounts without canceling a current order and initiating a new one. This is the most effective method for accelerating operations and providing the best user experience to you and your customers. You may also use the preview tool to see how your changes will look before you make them.

Simple operation

Order tags make it easy to navigate through your orders. Orders can be filtered by tags to make it easier to discover the ones you need. The color-coding of the tag labels makes it easy to identify the order’s main characteristics. To emphasize orders that demand the greatest attention, fill the order row in the grid with unique colors. You have complete control over the color code tag setup. You can establish conditions for the automated order tag in addition to applying tags to any number of orders. You may also specify order tags manually if you choose. Tags may be used to customize orders in a variety of ways. To emphasize the most significant order tag, give it a priority level.

Everything is right where it should be

new columns

Extend Magento 2’s limited quick view feature to display all essential order data on a single screen. Thanks to our module, you’ll be able to see important information about products, payment, and shipping on your site’s orders list page.

  • Items. You may see information on objects in any order you like. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find: thumbnails of items; product number; kind; Alternatives to each item’s accessible options; An item’s quantity and price after it has been ordered.
  • Billing. One of the nicest features is that you don’t have to open orders to get invoicing data. All of the necessary information is contained in the order grid: Invoice number; billing address; phone number. 
  • Shipping. Using the plugin, you can also add additional columns containing shipping information. You can view the following using this feature: Telephone; Shipping Address; and Shipping Number.

Quick access

When reviewing orders, you may save time by choosing the Quick View option to get details more quickly. To open a side-sliding window containing all of the order’s details, click on the order number in the orders list. Close this side-sliding window to see information about another order, or open it to make changes to an order in Magento.

Modifying items

To make things go faster and make a huge number of tasks simpler, utilize options, such as setting the total number of ordered items, specifying taxes, adding/removing goods, altering the price, and specifying discounts.

Customizing order and account data

You may modify order tracking information using the add-on. The following order parameters can be altered: status; number; and date.

Delivery and money questions

There is no need to worry if the payment or shipping method is changed while using this application. You can simply change: Unlike the default Magento, you can quickly update payment information, as well as shipping and handling information.

Custom numbers

numbers preview

Identification numbers make it simple to find the needed order. They look messy, however. You may utilize customized prefixes and suffixes to match transaction numbers to your company’s needs, which is quite beneficial. Add variables like shop ID, order counter, random number, current time, and date to get the most suited representation format for your store. For each document type, copy or alter the order identification numbers pattern for invoices, shipments, and credit notes. 

If you’re switching platforms, order counters may be utilized to feed your new shop numbering with data from your previous one. Before making a change, preview and compare how a new numbering system will appear on any form of the given payment document.

The multi-store view is supported by the module. Each store in your Magento installation might have its own unique ID.



Q: Is it possible to just add a new product to an existing order rather than establishing a new one? 

A: The plugin extends Magento 2’s capabilities by allowing you to make changes to current orders. The list of ordered items is completely under your control. To make it clear, it’s possible to replace selected goods with other versions or with brand new products, which is much more comfortable. 

Q: How can I benefit from using this extension? 

A: Administration of orders may be a difficult task for businesses, but it can be simplified in certain ways with the aid of a Magento extension. The module enhances the functionality of the order view grid, which aids store workers in keeping track of orders by offering tools to properly manage orders in a variety of ways: 

  • This grid may now display more crucial information regarding orders, such as ordered products, payment, and shipment, thanks to the plugin. Keeping track of Magento order statuses is straightforward. 
  • You can retrieve the entire order data with a single mouse click while staying on the same page if you utilize the Order Quick View option. The data is shown in a side-sliding pane. You may rapidly obtain information and return to work without having to visit the purchase page to read it, which reduces the amount of clutter on your browser. 
  • The Orders Tags feature makes it simple to find orders with the appropriate attributes. You can easily find the orders you need by filtering them with tags. Orders can be allocated tags based on their parameters.

Q: Can I alter the tax of the existing order? 

A: Yes, you may change the tax rate for any item in your purchase with this plugin by selecting it from a pre-existing list of tax rates in your shop.


We all need help sometimes, and building an online store is not a simple task that doesn’t require any help either. This is a complex process that includes many stages, so you have to take care of all of them to become better and better. Since orders can be considered one of the most crucial elements, you must ensure proper work with them. The Magento Order Management Software is what you need to not mess up. A little, easy-to-use, powerful tool that replaces the need for expensive specialists and exhausting work. So don’t think you will not regret it if you pass by and try to achieve success on your own. Try it now!

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